Innovative Strength

TopSupports was founded in 2012 with the introduction of its very first steel channel model –TOP08-22. Innovative and multifunctional, the product gains popularity with our customers who share their achievements with great enthusiasm.

Our team of engineers and technicians combined their knowledge of metallurgy, manufacturing techniques, building management, and seismic bracing to offer a solution that is stronger, faster to install, and less expensive than any other channel offered in the industry.

TopSupports Stockpile

Manufacturing of TopSupports

In 2015, TopSupports won the award for the best product in the "ventilation products and accessories" category at MCEE 2015. Since then, with the recommendations of our customers, we evolved our initial TOP08-22 model into a complete new line – the TS Series. We continue to invest in research and development to offer you constantly evolving products for seismic bracing and suspension.

The inventor of TopSupports, Richard Angers, was born in Thetford Mines. From an early age, he worked in Asbestos mines. He then worked as a tinsmith and welder for several years in one of the largest companies in North America. He quickly became the "specialist of special jobs"! He often had to make his tools to finish the final product.

Since 1979, he founded Métaux Richard Angers Ltd, becoming the first non-installer manufacturer specialized in ventilation. At the head of production, he always had the initiative to transform something complicated into something easier and then standardized as much as possible. He succeeded in manufacturing, within a production line, products that were previously only custom made.

Richard Angers

Métaux Richard Angers Ltd.

He has since transferred management and operations of Métaux Richard Angers Ltd to his children, but that didn’t stop his passion for finding solutions. Looking for an alternative to the standard Channel that was safer, less expensive and faster to install, he invented the TopSupports steel channel.

TopSupports is proudly designed, and manufactured in the province of Quebec, Canada.